Leading up to Eric & Leah’s wedding, I was so excited. Their engagement session last year was so much fun and I could only imagine how epic their wedding was going to be. From the start of the day when Jess and I arrived, they made us feel more like family than wedding photographers. Their entire group of friends and family was so kind and welcoming, not to mention a blast to work with.  We had such a great time, starting with sporadic sing-a-longs while getting ready, to a lovely ceremony featuring an amazing choir, a super-fun photo session, a delicious dinner at The Wooden Monkey, an amazing reception/dance at The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and an epic night time photo session on the Halifax waterfront. Leah and Eric are the type of couple that just by looking at them, you can see the love and respect they have for one another. This was something you could also see within their amazing families.  The first thing that really comes to mind when I think of their wedding: Love. So much love. Thanks so much to Leah & Eric, as well as their family and friends, for having us there and for being so great to us! I hope these images can even portray a fraction of the awesomeness that was Leah & Eric’s Wedding.

Halifax Wedding Photography-2 Halifax Wedding Photography-3 Halifax Wedding Photography-1 Halifax Wedding Photography-4 Halifax Wedding Photography-1-3 Halifax Wedding Photography-6 Halifax Wedding Photography-5 Halifax Wedding Photography-7 Halifax Wedding Photography-8 Halifax Wedding Photography-9 Halifax Wedding Photography-10 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-2 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1 Halifax Wedding Photographer-2 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-4 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-3 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-5 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-6 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-7 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-8 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-9 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-10 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-11 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-12 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-13 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-14 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-15 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-16 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-17 Halifax Wedding Photographer-2-2 Halifax Wedding Photographer-3 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-19 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-20 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-21 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-22 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-23 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-24 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-25 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-26 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-27 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-28 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-29 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-30 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-31 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-32 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-33 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-34 Halifax Wedding Photographer-1-35 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-5 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-2 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-7 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-6 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-4 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-3 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-8 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-9 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-11 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-12 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-14 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-15 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-16 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-17 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-18 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-19 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-20 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-21 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-22 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-23 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-24 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-25 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-26 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-27 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-28 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-29 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-30 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-31 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-32 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-33 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-34 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-35 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-36 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-38 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-39 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-40 Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer-1-42