As wedding photographers, we always preach ” don’t worry about the weather, rain or shine, we’ll make it work” And we mean it. I am more then willing to grab some umbrellas and head out in the rain or bundle up warm to shoot in the snow. Leading up to Saturday, I had met with an awesome bride, Sarah, to sit down and plan our rain backup plan as the weather was calling for quite the storm. We sorted out some locations, talked about umbrellas etc and felt confident that our plan would be effective in getting some awesome shots when the wedding rolled around. What we weren’t counting on was the degree to which the weather would blast the Fredericton area that Saturday.

I awoke to losing power Saturday morning. The remnants of Hurricane Arthur had hit. And the city was a mess. Trees were down, most of the city was without power and the wind and rain were nuts. I was wondering how the bride was handling it. Andrew and Sarah, along with their family and friends,  had carefully planned all the aspects of a perfect wedding day for over a year. And now, a storm had hit. Was the wedding a go? Would they cancel?

I received a call from the bride. At first, I couldn’t believe it was her. Sarah as so calm and relaxed. They had decided to postpone the wedding until the next day. Most people would be freaking out, but it seemed as though she had assessed the situation and made the best decision possible.

I offered later that day, in hopes of possibly adding to the story of their wedding weekend, to grab some photos of the two of them in the storm on what would have been their wedding day. They happily agreed! When I met up with them, they were in great spirits, having a blast hanging with friends and family and making the best out of a tough situation. I am so amazed at the grace in which Andrew and Sarah handled the craziness of Arthur and I think we can all take a page from their book. When life gives you lemons, push your wedding a day, have a party and be awesome.

Here are some pics from the storm session! Pics don’t really portray the crazy rain (~100mm rain) and wind (up to 100km/hr) that Arthur brought.

Fredericton Wedding Engagement photo-1 Fredericton Wedding Engagement photo-2 Fredericton Wedding Engagement photo-4 Fredericton Wedding Engagement photo-5 Fredericton Wedding Engagement photo-6 Fredericton Wedding Engagement photo-7 Fredericton Wedding Engagement photo-8 Fredericton Wedding Engagement photo-9 Fredericton Wedding Engagement photo-10 Fredericton Wedding Engagement photo-12 Fredericton Wedding Engagement photo-13 Fredericton Wedding Engagement photo-11 Fredericton Wedding Engagement photo-1-2