At our first meeting, Beckie and Dan described what they were envisioning for their wedding and I knew right then that I had to be a part of it. They were planning a rustic, country wedding on Beckie’s brother’s gorgeous property in Salisbury, New Brunswick. After Beckie & Dan’s awesome engagement session, I was so stoked to work with them again at their wedding. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous together, the way they feel about one another shines through in how they look at one another. The love, respect and mutual admiration they share is evident in every way they interact. When Jess and I arrived to shoot the wedding, Ben’s barn was trimmed and decorated perfectly. He even built a gorgeous bar at the back for the event. After a beautiful ceremony, we were treated to a stunning sunset for our photo session. Beckie and Dan, along with their bridal party, looked like they belonged in a magazine. It was such an amazing day! Thanks so much to Beckie & Dan for having us be part of it! These are some of my all time favorite wedding photos that I’ve shot!

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