I’ve known Kaitlin & Brian for several years now after our dogs became friends, and therefor we did as well! When they started talking about their wedding and how it would be in Ottawa, I told them not to hesitate if they had any questions about photography etc, as I wanted to make sure they found an amazing photographer in the area. But then they mentioned that they wanted us to come and photograph their wedding, and I was soooo excited! It is always nice to travel and shoot weddings in new places! Kaitlin and Brian were so kind to us and took care of everything, including stocking our room with a basket full of goodies and a lovely tour of Ottawa from the groom’s father. When the wedding day arrived, everyone was so chill and just went with the flow. The guys looked very “mad men” in their suits, the bridesmaids were absolutely stunning and Kaitlin was gorgeous. That dress! Soooo beautiful. The day was full of lots of laughs, tears, a beautiful outdoor ceremony, a rainbow, and one heck of a party. Brian and Kaitlin are the type of couple that you can sense how much these two love each other just by witnessing a quick glance between them. They are two of the most kind and caring people I have met, which after meeting their families you can easily see where they get it. It was an amazing wedding filled with so much love! It goes down as one of my all time favorites! Congrats Kaitlin & Brian! Thanks so much for having us!

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