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 Hi! I’m Mag. I’m guessing you already figured that out. My partner in crime is Jess! She runs the show behind the scenes.

 As a child, my parents made me wear a helmet everywhere. I like to blame my sister, but everyone else just says I was clumsy. I did step on a rake once. That was in my pre-helmet days.

I love to read and drink coffee, especially at the same time. I take my coffee black.

 Sometimes I think I can rap. I can’t actually, but it is fun to try.

I love my pets and talk about them too much.. I can’t help it…

Being a proud East-Coast Canadian, my toque collection could fill an entire room.

I once dropped a lens into a waterfall. That sucked.

I’m a photo junkie.

I’m based out of Fredericton, N.B. Canada, but am happy to travel! 

Let me tell your story.