Hi all! I’m Mag! I’m a wedding and portrait photographer from the East Coast of Canada. I fell in love with shooting weddings 6 years ago, started my photography business and haven’t looked back since! I love creating images that are unique to the couples I work with. Whether it is sneaking out at night for some portraits in the dark or crawling on the ground to get a cool perspective, I love trying something a little different. My approach is one that blends documentary and direction, essentially setting the stage to capture organic, real moments in the right photographic conditions.

On top on wedding photography, I also am a contributor and educator with OFFBEAT photo (offbeatphoto.ca), a member of Canadian Creatives (canadiancreatives.co) and a founding member of The Modern Muse Collective (themodernmusecollective.com). I’ve had the pleasure of teaching workshops, both locally and internationally, as well as shooting destination weddings as far away as Thailand and Australia.

Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0076
Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0077

Other things about me you should maybe know:

My partner in crime is Jess! She runs the show behind the scenes.

As a child, my parents made me wear a helmet everywhere. I like to blame my sister, but everyone else just says I was clumsy. I did step on a rake once. That was in my pre-helmet days.

I love to read and drink coffee, especially at the same time. I take my coffee black.

 Sometimes I think I can rap. I can’t actually, but it is fun to try.

I love my pets and talk about them too much.. I can’t help it…

Being a proud East-Coast Canadian, my toque collection could fill an entire room.

I once dropped a lens into a waterfall. That sucked.

I’m a photo junkie.

I’m based out of Fredericton, N.B. Canada, but am happy to travel! 

Let me tell your story.